It’s a karaoke night at a local East Hollywood watering hole because every bar around here offers karaoke 24/7/365.

Two 28 year old self described ‘dudes’ are discussing their favorite cars while their friend – another ‘dude’ Rickrolls the audience but I’m not sure the ‘dudes’ understand the concept.

Dude 1: Dodge.

Dude 2: Toyota Prius.

Dude 1: Any Volkswagen.

Dude 2: Acura ILX

Dude 3 comes off stage to a smattering of applause.

Dude 3: Subaru WRX

Dude 1, 2, 3: Dude.

A random bar patron, a balding guy with a Ralphie Cifaretto collegiate sense of fashion about 42 or so joins the conversation.

Random Bar Patron: I’d love a 1957 T-Bird convertible.

The Dudes take umbrage.

Dude 1: You are climate change denier dude.

Dude 2: Wasn’t that the car from that 1970’s show Route 10.

Dude 3: That was Interstate 10 dude.

Dude 2: That was the show where they drove the highways picking up chicks and surfing.

Dude 1: That show is my spirit animal dude.

The Myth of the American Road is dead. Somewhere Steinbeck, Kerouac and William Least Heat-Moon are crying into their beers.


#bohemiancultureisdead #theshowwascalledroute66