The Millennial Gentrification Invasion of 2018 has brought a special breed to East Hollywood.

Case in point: my neighbor from across the street Kelly. She just turned 30, is new to the area, has blonde braids and walks her rather placid little Chihuahua named Frank twice a day. I found looking at her to be a lovely experience so I decided to strike up a conversation.

It seems she had just moved back to the States from Islamabad, Pakistan where she went to find out the truth about the reincarnation of her mother from a Rothschild heiress who is currently stationed by the Rothschild family in Islamabad to do their bidding for world domination.

While there, Kelly found out her mother had been reincarnated twice; both times as men and the first time as Robert Plant‘s son who died when he was 5. Her mother is currently a musician who lives in London but is moving to Sweden.

So does one find this information by confronting the Rothschild heiress? No. One stalks her and prays to the Great Hermaphrodite Goddess. How does one pray to the great Hermaphrodite Goddess? By quoting and singing Helter Skelter  which shows us how the Zionists and Rothschild’s are really running the world and don’t want us to know about reincarnation as a member of another gender.

Even with East Hollywood’s Millennials it’s all about the Jews.