I found myself sitting next to two lovely 23 year old ladies on the train this morning dressed in their skinny jean best with matching black boots that would make Eddie Egan drool.  They were going to the latest I’m Enraged At Something protests downtown.

“Do you like my sign,” the one closest to me dressed in enough thermal wear to make you believe it was below zero outside instead of a 68 degree balmy day in So Cal  asked.

Said sign read Illegals are human beings too.

“It’s very nice,” I said, flashing on an old story told to me long ago by a teacher at NYU about a Hippie who had a generic sign that read “I’m Outraged!” From 1967-1969 he missed nary a protest and met many women which may have been the impetus to go to these things in the first place until the cleaving of the decade when all the people at the protests stopped talking to him because he was at everyone with the same sign.  They thought he worked for the FBI.  Somewhere, Terry Southern is laughing his ass off.

“Do you agree with it,” she demanded, breaking my reverie shoving said sign over the page of the book I was pretending to read.

“Yes and no. I have empathy for the plight of the illegals but you have to understand immigration laws were designed to protect our sovereignty,” I explained.

She and her friend stood up as the train pulled into the Wilshire/Vermont station.

“How dare you call me by a porn star name,” she said. They exited the train discussing how creepy I was.

So much for my firm belief in the Rule of Law, I thought.

Quick note to self: find out if there is a porn star using sovereignty as a name.