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The Man Bun Comic

I have found the worst comic to have ever been glared at wide eyed and mouth agape on any East Hollywood stage and/or in the history of Western Civilization.  And that says a lot when you factor in all of the furiously unfunny vulgarians they had to find to open for Andrew Dice Clay.

In this case of brain rot run amok, said 34 year old comic with nerd glasses and long, aesthetic curly brownish blonde hair pulled back into a Man Bun, declared the placement of Jackie O’s eyes in her skull made her look fish like and then wished he could have been fucked up the ass by John Wilkes Booth. But he didn’t say it quite that way.  He wanted to be witty.  I believe the phrase was “John Wilkes Booth could come up behind me anytime.”

This puts me in the mind of Rodney Dangerfield.  I now understand why he snorted his foot powder.


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  1. Wife was just asking what is the exact demographic/clique of the man bub wearer?

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